Changes to waste collections in Summer 2024

changes to waste collections in Wokingham borough

Waste collections are changing – get ready for a greener future

Residents are urged to recycle as much as possible as Wokingham Borough Council prepares to change how it collects household waste in summer 2024

Residents are urged to play their part in driving up Wokingham Borough’s recycling rates as the council prepares to change how it collects most people’s domestic waste in August 2024.

These changes offer an opportunity for the borough to become one of the best in the country for recycling while meeting, and hopefully exceeding, the Government’s future targets.

From next summer, most households will be putting their rubbish out in a 180-litre black wheeled bin which will be emptied fortnightly, replacing the current weekly blue bag collections.

The wheeled bins will be rolled out to these properties from May onwards, and enough additional blue bags will be issued to cover the period until collections start.

Recycling will still be collected from green sacks, which are free and with no limits on how many are put out, but this is also changing to fortnightly collections on weeks when rubbish isn’t taken.

The weekly food waste collections and optional fortnightly garden waste collections are unaffected and will continue at the same frequency, and from the same containers.

Stay up to date with the changes

More information about collection dates, including any changes to existing collection days, will be available well in advance and will be widely publicised.

To help residents prepare for the changes, the council has created a detailed online guide. This will be regularly updated as the changes get nearer and more information becomes available.

Not all properties are suitable for wheeled bins, so alternative arrangements will be made in some cases, like flats or properties that don’t have any space to store them. The council is also reviewing the needs of larger households and those that produce medical waste.

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