The Town Mayor is elected annually in May by the Town Council. The Mayor presides over meetings of the Town Council and provides a figurehead for the Council in the community, attending engagements, officiating at events and acting in an apolitical way on behalf of the Council.

If you wish to invite the Town Mayor to your event then please complete and submit the online form by clicking the link below.


At the Annual Meeting of the Council, held on 7 May 2024, Councillor Juliet Anderson was elected as Town Mayor of Woodley, and Councillor David Bragg was elected as Deputy Town Mayor, for the 2024/25 municipal year.

Councillor Anderson has selected SHARE Wokingham as her chosen charity for her Mayoral year.

Cllr Juliet Anderson Woodley Town Mayor
Cllr Juliet ANDERSON (Town Mayor 2024/25)
Councillor David Bragg - Woodley Deputy Town Mayor
Cllr David BRAGG (Deputy Town Mayor 2024/25)

Past Woodley Town Mayors & Deputy Mayors

Year Town Mayor Deputy Town Mayor
2003/04 Sam Samuel Beth Rowland
2004/05 Carol Jewell Coling Lawley
2005/06 Viv Samuel Tony Mattingley
2006/07 Tony Mattingley Kay Gilder
2007/08 Shelagh Flower Kay Gilder
2008/09 Kay Gilder Coling Lawley
2009/10 Kay Gilder Coling Lawley
2010/11 Coling Lawley Ray Duncan
2011/12 Coling Lawley Ray Duncan
2012/13 Ray Duncan Kay Gilder
2013/14 Bill Soane Brian Franklin
2014/15 Brian Franklin Dave Mills
2015/16 Dave Mills Jenny Cheng
2016/17 Jenny Cheng Anne Chadwick
2017/18 Jenny Cheng Sam Rahmouni
2018/19    Sam Rahmouni David Stares
2019/20 Kay Gilder Dave Mills
2020/21 Dave Mills Anne Chadwick
2021/22 Janet Sartorel Kay Gilder
2022/23 Janet Sartorel Kay Gilder
2023/24 Janet Sartorel Juliet Anderson
2024/25 Juliet Anderson David Bragg

01/04/1974 – Woodley and Sandford Parish Council became Woodley Town council

16/12/2003 – Chairman of the Council became the Town Mayor.

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