Public spaces, facilities and services in the Woodley area are likely to be maintained either by Woodley Town Council or Wokingham Borough Council.

Below is a list of the public spaces, facilities and services which are maintained by the Town Council. Please click on the links for further information.

If you have encountered an issue with, or are looking for further details about other public spaces, facilities and services within Woodley which are not listed on these pages, then please contact Wokingham Borough Council. This will include non-Town Council maintained parks and open spaces (including verges), other leisure facilities outside of Woodford Park, council tax, roads and rubbish, housing, building works and planning, health and social care, families and education, business and licensing. 

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Woodley Town Council maintained spaces, facilities and services

Community Assets; certain bus shelters, street lights, noticeboards and public seating

Parks & Open Spaces; including Woodford Park, Wheble Park, Malone Park, Bulmsershe Park, Rivermead open space, Loddon Mead open space

Venues; including the Oakwood Centre, Coronation Hall, Chapel Hall, Woodford Park Leisure Centre, Centre Stage

Woodley Town Centre; including maintenance of the town centre garden, and operation of markets and events via the Woodley Town Centre Partnership.

Reading Road Allotments

Wokingham Borough Council maintained spaces, facilities and services

Community Assets; including most bus shelters, street lights  and public seating

Parks & Open Spaces; including Ashenbury Park, Sandford Park, Southlake Park, 

Play Areas; including Badgers Rise, Blanchard Close, Enstone Road, Hearn Road, Mollison Way, Redwood Avenue,  Southlake Crescent, Vauxhall Drive, Woodley Town Centre, Vauxhall BMX

Car Parks; including Crockhamwell Road, Headley Road, Lytham Road East, Lytham Road West

Woodley Library

Highways; including adopted roads and pavements, and Woodley Town Centre precinct

Waste & Recycling (although waste bags and recycling bins can be collected from the Town Council)

Council Tax


Health & Social Care

Education & Children’s Services


Planning & Licensing

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