Wokingham Borough Council’s Licensing Policy Consultation

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Wokingham Borough Council is updating its Statement of Licensing Policy to reflect changes in legislation and best practice since it was last reviewed.

Have your say on the proposed changes

The Council would like to hear from you whether you agree with some of the changes it has made.

Wokingham Borough Council as the licensing authority must have a Statement of Licensing Policy. All businesses and organisations that undertake licensable activities on a permanent basis must have a premises licence from their local authority. These include:

  • Selling alcohol, such as in supermarkets, pubs and bars, cinemas and village and community halls.
  • Hot food and drink served between 11pm and 5am
  • Regulated entertainment, such as live music, boxing, indoor sporting events and performing a play

The licensing policy will be used as a guide when making decisions about licensing matters, such as reviewing applications for a new premises licence or a variation to an existing licence. 

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