The Town Council maintain a number of community assets within Woodley, including certain bus shelters, street lights, notice boards and public seating. The assets maintained by the Town Council are listed below. Any others which are not listed are maintained by Wokingham Borough Council.

Public Seating

Beechwood Avenue (x5)

Bulmershe Park

Butts Hill Road

Church Road (x2)

Crockhamwell Road

Fairwater Drive

Loddon Bridge Road (x2)

Malone Park (x3)

Reading Road (x2)

Woodford Park (x37)

Woodley Library

Notice Boards

Brecon Road

Butts Hill Road / Headley Road Junction

Colemans Moor Road

Coronation Hall

Hurricane Way

Woodley Town Centre (Private)

Reading Road / Howth Drive Junction

The Oakwood Centre (Private)

Woodford Park (x3 Private)

Woodford Park Leisure Centre

Woodlands Avenue

Kingfisher Drive

Bus Shelters

Butts Hill Road

Glendevon Road

Colemans Moor Road

Fairwater Drive (x4)

Reading Road

Loddon Bridge Road

Crockhamwell Road

Beechwood Avenue

Street Lights

Colemansmoor Lane (x2)

Footpath from Earley Station to Kingfisher Drive (x11)

Footpath from Drovers Way to School Drive (x11)

Town Lane footpath, Pitts Lane to Grays Crescent (x2)

Footpath Rickman’s Close to Hazel Drive (x4)

The Ridgeway (x5)

Woodford Park (x15)

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