Covid measures 27 January 2022

As of Wednesday 19 January, the government no longer asked people to work from home.

As of today, 27 January, the lifting of Plan B means:

  • mandatory COVID-19 certification will end, but venues may choose to use the NHS COVID Pass voluntarily;
  • face coverings will not be required by law in indoor venues;
  • local directors of public health are still able to recommend face coverings in communal areas only in education settings within their area, but only where the department and public health experts judge the measures to be proportionate – this is a temporary measure;
  • infection prevention control guidance continues to require face coverings be worn in health and care settings, including primary care and pharmacies;
  • it is suggested that people wear face coverings in crowded and enclosed spaces where they might come into contact with people they do not normally meet; and
  • it is still a legal requirement for those with COVID-19 to self-isolate for 10 days with the option to end self-isolation after 5 full days following two negative LFD tests.

For more information, please visit the UK Government website.

Please note that we will continue to encourage visitors to wear a mask if they can. Thank you.

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new transport links in Wokingham Borough

Improved cycleways from Woodley to Reading

Wokingham Borough Active Travel Fund – Woodley to Reading Active Travel Route

Wokingham Borough Council is working to improve the cycle and walking connection between Woodley town centre and Reading borough boundary at Palmer Park. 

The Council has launched a consultation to help them make the decision about whether to progress the project. An independent executive member decision (IEMD) earlier agreed the Council should continue work on the project to develop the detailed designs. 

The scheme includes local measures that prioritise active travel and provide facilities that are safe, attractive and inclusive for all. ​The Council’s aim is to provide a transport system that connects people and places and supports a sustainable, inclusive and carbon neutral Borough.

The second public consultation begins today on 24 January 2022 and close on Monday 21 February 2022.

Please click HERE for more information and to participate in the consultation.

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new supermarket in Woodley

Deputy Town Mayor opens new supermarket in Woodley

Deputy Town Mayor, Cllr Kay Gilder, was delighted to open a new supermarket in Woodley town centre yesterday. 

HK Superstore, managed by Suyashi Prrasad and owned by Harbal Singh and Kashif Asghar, has a huge range of fresh and exotic produce, such as miniature pineapples, okra and a large selection of fresh chillies. Not to mention an extensive range of spices, meats, sweets and many other traditional Indian foods. 

Cllr Gilder was given an extensive tour of the shop, as well as information on how some of the ingredients are used in traditional Indian cooking across different regions. 

“It was fascinating to see so many different fruits and vegetables, many of which I have never seen before. The staff were so helpful and told us about the different regions across India and how the ingredients were used in different ways. 

“It’s wonderful to welcome a new shop to the precinct and bring more variety to our wonderful town,” commented Cllr Gilder. 

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community climate project

Community climate initiative

community climate project

Let’s Talk Climate

Wokingham Borough Council is launching its Let’s Talk Climate project, inviting interested parties across the area to take part in peer groups and e-panels on climate change.

Let’s Talk Climate is a community deliberative process, bringing together groups of people and presenting evidence and ideas on climate change, which are then discussed by the group and a consensus reached. 

Peer groups will take place from February, led by experienced facilitators, to discuss the council’s climate emergency action plan and come up with new ways to reduce the borough’s carbon footprint.

How to get involved

Expressions of interest to join a peer group open on 6 January, and interested people can find out more and sign up via Engage Wokingham Borough. Sign up now and as a thank you for your time, the Council will enter you in a draw for a voucher.

Once the recommendations have been reviewed, in May e-panels will take place where a wider number of community members can discuss the recommendations and share further thoughts and ideas. Information on how to join these will be released nearer the time.

Councillor Gregory Murray, executive member for resident services, communications and emissions, said: “Let’s Talk Climate is the next stage in developing our climate emergency action plan, ensuring that people with an interest in the borough, through work, school, home or other interest, are able to have their say on our plans. 

“We want to hear from lots of different voices, whether you are already engaged in climate emergency or not yet sure. It’s important for us to understand the thoughts and feelings of a cross-section of community members across the borough.” 

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new play park at Woodford Park

New play park at Woodford Park coming soon

New ‘Destination’ play area for Woodford Park coming in 2022

Woodley Town Council is delighted to announce the long awaited ‘destination’ play area project for Woodford Park, which will be delivered in 2022. 

Following a successful public consultation with over 700 responses, Proludic were selected from seven tendering contractors to deliver this exciting project. 

Multiple facilities

The new play area will replace the old one to the rear of the Oakwood Centre. It has been designed specifically with ‘inclusivity’ in mind, and will offer a stimulating, exciting play experience for children of all abilities. 

It will include a double cableway, a sensory area, a wheelchair accessible play mound, an agility trail, a 7m tall canopy trail, seven types of swings and much more. Please see the artist’s impression of the design for more information. 

This first class play area is being funded from £200,000 developers’ contributions via Wokingham Borough Council, with £57,000 additional funding from Woodley Town Council. 

We’ll be updating you soon with a date for the work to start and of course, the grand opening date.

Old park closing 10th January

The old, existing play area will be closed from today, 10th January, in preparation for removal of the old equipment, fencing and tarmac. The play area near the leisure centre will remain open.

Watch this space for more information… 

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new covid 19 testing rules

New Covid 19 testing rules

Update: new Covid-19 testing rules 


From 11 January, asymptomatic people who test positive on a lateral flow test (LFT) will no longer need to confirm this result by taking an additional PCR test.

If you receive a positive lateral flow test you are advised to report the result on the website.

And remember you’ll need to self-isolate for 10 days (unless you have no symptoms and test negative on your day 6 and 7 LFTs).

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Woodley Town Council citizens' awards

Citizens’ Awards

It’s that time of year again when we want to honour and celebrate the unsung heroes of Woodley.

Last year’s Citizens’ Awards were cancelled due to the Covid 19 pandemic, but we are hoping once again to be able to host our annual Citizens’ Awards to honour the unsung heroes who significantly support our community.

There are many people whose care and support work goes unrecognised, and we want to make sure they get the recognition they deserve for supporting our community.

Nominate your local hero

If you know someone, young or old, who you feel is deserving of recognition, we want you to let us know. 

Perhaps you know someone involved in caring for children, the elderly, sick or disabled; or someone who went above and beyond in supporting others during the Covid 19 pandemic, when the people of Woodley particularly pulled together to support each other.

Nominations are open until Friday 21st January 2022 and a ceremony will take place on Friday 1st April (subject to Covid 19 regulations).

 Further information on who can be nominated and how, including the relevant forms to download, can be found on our website or forms can be collected from our offices at the Oakwood Centre. 

Please contact Matthew Filmore for more information:

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