Deputy Town Mayor opens new supermarket in Woodley

new supermarket in Woodley

Deputy Town Mayor, Cllr Kay Gilder, was delighted to open a new supermarket in Woodley town centre yesterday. 

HK Superstore, managed by Suyashi Prrasad and owned by Harbal Singh and Kashif Asghar, has a huge range of fresh and exotic produce, such as miniature pineapples, okra and a large selection of fresh chillies. Not to mention an extensive range of spices, meats, sweets and many other traditional Indian foods. 

Cllr Gilder was given an extensive tour of the shop, as well as information on how some of the ingredients are used in traditional Indian cooking across different regions. 

“It was fascinating to see so many different fruits and vegetables, many of which I have never seen before. The staff were so helpful and told us about the different regions across India and how the ingredients were used in different ways. 

“It’s wonderful to welcome a new shop to the precinct and bring more variety to our wonderful town,” commented Cllr Gilder. 

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