Woodley Town Council tax consultation 2021-22 Survey



Financial problems caused by Covid-19 mean that the Town Council is facing a difficult year in 2021/22.  To continue to deliver our services we need to increase the level of Town Council tax (the precept).  

We work for the people of Woodley and pride ourselves in providing good facilities and services for the town.  We want to be able to continue to do this.  If each household pays a little more next year, we should be able to protect the community of the town and keep its services and facilities for years to come.   

Woodley Town Council income comes from an amount you pay as part of your Wokingham Borough Council tax (the precept) and income from our facilities.

This year, our income from facilities was expected to be £763,000.  Due to COVID-19 it could be less than £200,000.  We will have to use a significant amount of our reserves to cover this shortfall.  We need to increase the precept next year to cover the lost income and make sure we have a safe level of reserves.  

If we do this, we can continue to provide services and facilities in Woodley.  The extra amount will be added to your council tax next year. 

The amount you pay will help to fund many local facilities, services and community activities

These include: 

  • Local parks (including Woodford Park, Malone and Wheble Parks and Bulmershe Open Space)
  • Woodford Park Leisure Centre and The Gym on the Park
  • The allotments at Reading Road, the Garden of Remembrance and Centre Stage 
  • Halls for hire (Coronation and Chapel Halls, the Oakwood Centre) 
  • Maintaining designated bus shelters, the public toilet, street lighting, noticeboards, public seating
  • Providing detached youth work in the town
  • Contributions to the Town Centre and community activities and events.  

For more information please email .

The survey will ask you to choose one of the following four options and also provide your postcode.

We would like as many people as possible to respond so please share with your Woodley friends, family and neighbours.

The Survey can be accessed HERE.

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