Woodley Town Council Precept 2024-25

Woodley Town Council precept 2024 to 2025

Woodley Town Council reduces Precept by £3.06 per Band D household for 2024-25

Each year, the Town Council considers its proposed budget for the coming year and assesses the funding that will be required to deliver its services. 

It is estimated that the Council’s total expenditure in 2024/25 will be in the region of £2,294,718. This will be funded from anticipated income of around £964,377 from the Council’s businesses and income generating activities, £165,841 from the Council’s general reserve, and £1,164,500 from the precept levy on Wokingham Borough Council. 

This equates to a charge of £106.69 for a band D property in Woodley, to deliver the Town Council’s services. This is a reduction of £3.06 per band D household from the 2023/24 precept level. Income from Woodford Park Leisure Centre, The Oakwood Centre and the community halls has been strong through the year and we are investing in these facilities to ensure they continue to provide high quality services for residents.

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