Woodley Town Council elections

voting Woodley parish



voting Woodley parish


Wokingham Borough residents in a number of wards will be heading to the polls today, Thursday 2 May 2019, to elect their Borough Councillors with 18 seats up for grabs.


Polling stations will be open from 7am on election day, with residents able to cast their vote until 10pm. Parish and town council elections are also being held.


The election of Parish Councillors are open in the following wards in Woodley:

Bulmershe Ward – four seats to be elected

Coronation Central Ward – two seats to be elected

Loddon Airfield Ward – three seats to be elected

Loddon South Ward – three seats to be elected


Polling cards

Those residents in wards up for election should have received a polling card, which gives details of when and where to vote. Residents do not need their polling card with them to vote, but will be asked to provide their name and address to a member of staff on duty.


Residents can find out more information, including their ward and where to vote on: (search for “elections 2019”).



Votes for the Borough Council wards will be counted immediately after the close of polls overnight. Parish and Town Council votes will be counted on Friday 3 May.

Results for the Parish Wards of Woodley will be displayed on Woodley Town Council website and social media pages.


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