Woodley Town Council community grants



Woodley Town Council community awards 2019

(L-R top): Sean Riordan, David Provins, Bob Hansford, Chas Randle, Mark Rozzier (L-R bottom): Lindsay Browne, Liz McDaniel, Cllr Sam Rahmouni, Jackie Baines, Hannah Evans

At the first Annual meeting of Woodley Town Council and its new councillors, community grants were given to the following charities and individuals.


1stWoodley Boys Brigade  –  represented by Bob Hansford

£250 – to purchase camping equipment, sports & games equipment, expedition equipment and storage solutions.


2ndWoodley Scout Group  –  represented by Chas Randle

£250 – to purchase camping equipment and activity equipment.


Emmanuel Church, Woodley  –  represented by Sean Riordan

£250 – towards the cost of running a 48 hour “Fun Days” event for all residents of the Drovers Way / Southlake Crescent area.


Friends of Woodford Park  –  represented by David Provins

£250 – to purchase spring flowering bulbs and to replace any plants in need.


Me2 Club  –  represented by Liz McDaniel

£250 – towards the cost of recruiting and screening 5 new volunteers within Woodley.


School Days Project  –  represented by Lindsay Browne

£250 – towards the cost of purchasing new uniform items that are not available through donations.


Woodley Festival of Music and Arts  –  represented by Jackie Baines

£250 – to help towards the cost of providing the Festival of Music and Arts in 2019.


Woodley United FC  –  represented by Mark Rozzier                       

£250 – towards the cost of running a girls’ academy to encourage increased girls’ participation in football.




Hannah Evans  (Archery GB)

£100 – towards the cost of upgrading her equipment to remain competitive in higher level competitions.


The awards were presented by outgoing Mayor Cllr Sam Rahmouni.


The new Mayor for Woodley was announced as Cllr Kay Gilder, to be deputised by Cllr Dave Mills.


Keith Baker remains leader of the Council, while Shadi Brindley remains Deputy Leader.

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