Woodley Town Centre garden planting

Woodley Town Centre garden

Woodley Town Centre community garden planting to start this summer

We are pleased to announce that we have drafted a visual and sensory design for the planting in the new walled garden area in the town centre. 

However, this is unfortunately unable to start until Wokingham Borough Council carries out crown lifting works to the trees in early summer, which is the best time for these particular trees to be cut. This is necessary before any planting begins as it will allow more light into the area and stimulate better plant growth. 

We are still waiting for a confirmed date from Wokingham Borough Council. 


Central planting of a selection of shade growing shrubs such as hydranga, japonicas, hellebore, ornamental grass, hosta, vibernam and ferns will form part of the design. Along with peripheral planting of crocus, snowdrops, bluebells and wood anemone. 

This will provide a good mix of planting in terms of appearance, height, colour and scent. Some larger shrubs will also be considered to provide a focal point along with smaller shrubs and ground cover. 

The design has been planned to be adapted and added to as the garden develops. 

Community involvement 

We want the garden to be an on-going project with scope for community involvement from individuals and local groups and organisations. We have already received many offers of assistance and involvement that can be accommodated and encouraged in different ways. There may be an opportunity for volunteers to be involved in the initial planting and maintenance during the first season, under the direction of the Grounds Maintenance Manager. 

There will also be opportunities for groups to become more involved, such as local schools. 

This forms part of a larger plan to arrange volunteer planting days, under the supervision of the Grounds Maintenance Manager, across many of our parks and green spaces. 

Please note that, at this stage, it is subject to the health and safety guidelines during the Covid 19 pandemic. 

Town Council Leader Cllr Keith Baker is eager to get the planting started and is delighted with the initial garden design and potential community involvement. 

“We originally had two options for the design of the planting and chose the one that was the most visually stimulating, ensuring that the walled garden area becomes a stunning focal point in the town centre. 

We will also be considering additional accessible seating and will be discussing options for the type, quantity and location of any seating in future committee meetings, with public consultation.”

Can we please remind people to not put any rubbish in the garden area. Thank you. 

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