Woodley Neighbourhood Team Winter Update

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Woodley Neighbourhood Team update from PCSO Clare Towse

We hope you are starting to get into the festive spirit as the Holiday Season is quickly approaching us!

Crime Prevention / Safety Advice

Cold Weather/ Darker Nights:

Due to the decrease in the temperature over the last few weeks and the clocks going back, it gives me the perfect opportunity to remind you of some advice regarding staying safe during the darker winter nights!

  • Stick to well-lit and well used areas. Try to stay away from short cuts through dark and remote alleyways and parks
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Do not walk around with both headphones in, this allows you to hear what is around you
  • Know places of safety in your area!
  • Do not get into strangers cars if they offer you a lift, even if you feel they are genuine
  • Make sure your valuables and mobile phones are not on show whilst you are walking around
  • If you are on a night out, do not accept drinks from people you do not know
  • Do not use unlicensed taxi, make sure you can see their valid license displayed in the taxi before

    you accept the journey

  • If you believe or witness something that you feel is suspicious, please report this to police online or

    via 101.


    Unfortunately, we have recently had a number of burglaries and attempted burglaries in the area.
    I would like to encourage you to make sure all your windows and doors are locked before going to bed or leaving your property unattended. You can reduce your risk of becoming a victim or burglary by following this advice:

  • Try to get into the habit of following your own routine when you lock up your home. This will ensure that you do not forget anything
  • Double lock any doors
  • Make sure that any valuables are out of sight
  • Never leave any documents or ID in obvious places such as kitchens or hallways
  • In the evening, shut the curtains and leave lights on
  • If you are out all day, then it is advisable to use a timer device to automatically turn lights and lamps on when it turns dark
  • Don’t forget to turn on your burglar alarm if you have one
  • Lock your garage or shed and don’t leave any items out such as ladders or rakes as these could be used to gain entry to your home by potential offenders.
  • Lock your bike inside a secure shed or garage, to a robust fitting bolted to the ground or wall, like a ground anchor
  • Do not post on social media that you are away from home
  • Mark your valuables
  • Secure your gates at all times
  • Think about a gravel driveway or path leading to your home which will make it harder for people to go undetected.

    Theft from Motor Vehicles:

    Incidents of Thefts from vehicles are often due to vehicles being left unsecure, making it very easy for thieves to access. Therefore, please make a note of the following crime prevention advice:

  • Make sure your windows are all closed before leaving your vehicle
  • Do not leave any valuables visible inside your vehicle, when leaving it unattended
  • Double check you have locked your vehicle by checking the doors before you leave
  • Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, double lock by clicking the lock button on the

    keys twice

  • Make sure your vehicle is parked in a well-lit area or on a driveway
  • Ensure you have a working and loud alarm on your vehicle.

    Theft of Pedal Cycles

    This year Woodley has unfortunately had an increase in thefts of bicycles. Woodley local policing team have been working very closely with partner agencies to try and tackle this issue as a priority. PC Mills is currently in the process of interviewing suspects that have been identified, we will update you in due course when this has concluded.

    Anti-Social Behaviour

    Over October and November especially Halloween, we received calls from the community in regards to young people acting in an anti-social manner. The team were busy throughout the evening tackling this and subsequently three boys under the age of 18 were arrested for possession of fireworks after PCSOs were confronted with people throwing fireworks towards them. We urge you to please report any incidents of anti-social behaviour that you encounter.


    We are aware as a neighbourhood team of a couple of individuals in the local area that have been seen to be persistently begging. Although we know this is frustrating, we are encouraging members of the public to be reporting this in via 101 or the web form on the Thames Valley Police website. We are in the process of collating statements from witnesses which will help us to build and collate as much evidence to take the offenders in question to court. Although this may be sound time consuming and nothing happening quickly however we reassure you that we are taking this very seriously. However we can only do this witheveryone’s help & support.

    We would like to wish you all a peaceful and crime free Christmas.

    Contact us

    If you want any advice or would like to contact the neighbourhood team you can contact us via please note this email address cannot be used to contact Thames Valley Police to report crimes or for any urgent matters. To report a crime, you can use the online form on the Thames Valley Police website or you can call the police non-emergency number 101. If your call is an emergency then dial 999.

    If you have information about crime or anti-social behaviour in your area but you do not want to speak to the police, please call the Crimestoppers charity on 0800 555111.

    Receive free local crime alerts and crime prevention advice by signing up to Thames Valley Alert. To register please go to
    Follow us on Twitter @TVP_Wokingham

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