Woodley Mayor commends ‘mini medics’

Mayor at The Bulmershe School

Mayor presents mini medics at The Bulmershe School with awards

At a recent presentation at The Bulmershe School in Woodley, Mayor Sam Rahmouni presented certificates to Year 9 students who had participated in and been awarded for First Aid in the Community.

“Over the past term a group of our year 9 students have been carving out their place in the community by becoming fully trained ‘Mini Medics!’,” commented Katie Gaetan, First Aid Trainer and member of the school inclusion team.

The Mini Medics trained hard to learn life-saving First Aid but also demonstrated their new found understanding of mental health, learning how to help themselves and their friends with life-long issues, such as understanding emotions and coping with stress, creating ‘Mental Health First Aid kits’ for children and young people to use in difficult times.

Health and well-being

“Students here are always encouraged to take an active role in their health and well-being and our Mini Medics helps raise awareness of the struggles that so many people face, but still feel unable to talk about. The mini medics at Bulmershe help our students know that we are a listening school, a school where we look at the whole student, not just their grades. The Bulmershe School is proud to be part of our community and help shape its future leaders, we are of course extremely proud of all our newly qualified Mini Medics! Well done Year 9!” added Katie Gaetan.

Mayor Sam Rahmouni was delighted to present the awards and hear of the hard work the students had put into learning life-saving skills and their understanding of emotional wellbeing.

Mayor at The Bulmershe School

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