Woodford Park Lake Regeneration Update

Woodford Park Lake

Woodford Park Lake Regeneration

We are carrying out works to improve the habitat/ecosystem and amenity value of Woodford Park lake. This work will include the creation of a shallow, planted wildlife area at the eastern end – using silt from other parts of the lake, to encourage insects and invertebrates, a boardwalk with pond dipping platform, establishment of reed beds and flowering native plant species, wild flower area and the repair of damaged bank edges and paths. The mechanical work to move the silt and the construction of the boardwalk will be carried out from September 2018 into Spring 2019.

Bank at the eastern end

In the meantime we have removed the overgrown hedge along the mound at the eastern end of the lake and are installing a retaining wall (approx. 1m height timber sleepers/retaining stones). This bank will then be planted with low-level shrubs creating a nice feature while retaining open views across the lake.

New wildlife pathway

We have also marked out the route of a lakeside path along the northern bank. This accessible pathway will be a hogging / compacted gravel path with the lake on one side and wildflowers on the other and provide a pleasant alternative route around the lake. This path will be completed once the machinery work in the lake is complete.

More information on the project is available on the Town Council website – woodford-park-lake

Woodford Park Lake

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