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Love Parks – Green Flag award, Rotary Garden, Garden of Remembrance, Memorial Ground and the Friends of Woodford Park

We are delighted to be taking part in Keep Britain Tidy’s #LoveParks campaign. Today we celebrate Woodford Park’s Green Flag status for the fifth year running, as well as the Garden of Remembrance, the Memorial Ground, the lake and the Rotary Garden in Woodford Park. 

We’d like to thank our fantastic team for all the work they do in the park, as well as the Friends of Woodford Park and all the volunteers.

Improvements to the park

We are delighted that Woodford Park has been awarded Green Flag status for the fifth year running and we are very proud of the work that has been done to improve the park. 

These include:

  • New play area
  • Skate park
  • War memorial and civic space
  • Memorial gates
  • Lake refurbishment
  • New pathways
  • Rotary Garden
  • Friends Group Gardens
  • 3G pitch
  • Works to improve land drainage.

We have more plans to improve the area, which include:

  • Knee rail fencing replacement
  • Extending pathway near Garden of Remembrance
  • Replacing timber planters 
  • Creating more shrub bed areas
  • Continue improving the biodiversity and planting around the lake
  • Creating more bug habitat
  • New seating 
  • Tree planting
  • New rose garden – more being added all the time
  • Create a nature trail with informative signage around the park 
  • Look at improving the drainage in areas prone to flooding.

Climate change facts about the park

We are very keen to develop and maintain climate opportunities to achieve carbon neutral status by 2030. These include:

  • Wild margins around the sports pitches
  • Wildlife habitat around the lake
  • Rainwater harvesting for use in the park
  • Solar panels on park buildings.

Tell us what you love about this park…

How you can help: 

  • Take your litter home
  • Pick up dog poop
  • Report any issues to us
  • Tell us how it can be improved

Email: Call: 0118 9690356 

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