Wokingham Borough Council’s bid to be carbon neutral

wokingham borough council climate change



wokingham borough council climate change



Do you have any ideas to help Wokingham Borough Council save the world?


Wokingham Borough Council is asking residents for their ideas on reducing the council’s carbon footprint in a survey that launched on 26 September.

The survey, which will run to 31 December, asks residents if they have any eco-friendly tips from their personal lives that they are willing to share with other residents, as well as any ideas they have that would help the council on its way to being carbon neutral.

Wokingham Borough Council declared a climate emergency in July and pledged to make the council carbon neutral by 2030. The council is writing an action plan to achieve carbon neutrality and is asking residents for their help.

“We’ve committed as a council to become carbon neutral by 2030, but we can’t do it alone. We need our residents, businesses, charities and schools to work with us to help emissions, address climate change and secure the future of our planet,” said Cllr Gregor Murray, executive member for climate emergency.

“We have a lot of very smart residents in the borough who are already trying to reduce their carbon footprint and we want to tap into their knowledge and expertise. Even if you think someone else might have already submitted an idea, don’t let that stop you. If we get lots of people submitting the same idea, that tells us how important it is.”

To participate in the survey and submit ideas, visit the council website and search consultations.

The best ideas will be shared in a future edition of the Borough News.

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