Police-led community Speedwatch scheme

As the police-led community Speedwatch scheme relaunches, we are looking for volunteers who can help us to monitor Woodley roads

Woodley Town Council community speed awareness

Thames Valley Police & Crime Commissioner is planning to restart and relaunch its Community Speedwatch scheme this year, which will provide communities with equipment and training to monitor speeding in their area. 

Organised by the Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner, speedwatch groups will be provided with a starter kit on a loan basis, including a speed detection device, to help volunteers to assist in the battle against speeding motorists. Before community teams can be deployed to the roadside, they will undergo a number of training sessions both online and at the roadside and ensure risk assessments have been completed. 

The new online platform will also allow group-related activities to be self-regulated via an online calendar and also provides vehicle make recognition training. DVLA pre-checks logged registration numbers for authenticity before automatically passing data on to the police for further processing. 

Further information about the police-led scheme can be found HERE.

Woodley Town Council

We are currently considering how best to support the scheme and would like to gauge how many local residents would be able to volunteer to monitor speed on Woodley roads.

If you are interested in being involved in a Community Speedwatch scheme, please contact Matthew Filmore, Committee Officer (

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