Police and Crime Commissioner for Thames Valley calls for retailers to stop selling e-scooters


Matthew Barber, Police & Crime Commissioner for Thames Valley, has written to four major retailers in an effort to prevent the sale of illegal e-scooters.

In his letter to Argos, Currys, Decathlon and Halfords, Matthew Barber commented that while the sale of e-scooters is perfectly legal as they can be used on private land, the use of privately owned e-scooters in public places is currently illegal and asked the retailers to “consider the continued sales to be consistent with being a responsible corporate citizen”.

He added: “I fully understand that there is nothing to prevent you selling these products, but I would ask you to consider if it is responsible to continue to do so… I would ask if you would be content for your children to ride an e-scooter illegally, potentially putting themselves and others at risk and urge you to reconsider your position.”

You can read Matthew Barbers full statement on the Thames Valley Police & Crime Commissioner website.


We’d like to remind you that e-scooters are not permitted to be used in the precinct or in public places around Woodley. 

We have previously published a summary of the rules and regulations from Thames Valley Police. 

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