New Help to Claim service in Woodley

support in Woodley

support in Woodley

Citizens Advice Wokingham has launched a new ‘Help to Claim’ service to help the residents of Wokingham, Woodley and the surrounding areas to make a Universal Credit claim



The service, which replaces the old Universal Support offer, will provide both advice and support through the application process.

The support provided will depend on the varying need of each client, however, the main guidance is as follows.

Citizens Advice Wokingham will guide each client through a step-by-step process to help understand a Universal Credit claim. Firstly, staff will explain exactly what Universal Credit is and what benefits it replaces. Following that, staff are able to help prepare clients for interview in a Jobcentre appointment regarding a Universal Credit claim, set up an online email account, and verify a clients’ identity online, if required. Staff will also help to set up a Universal Credit account and provide help on how to manage this online.

Other assistance may include helping clients to gather information and ensuring awareness that Alternative Payment Arrangements are available.



This service will be available in Woodley at its offices near the library every Tuesday 09.30-14.30 and in its Wokingham branch Monday to Thursday 09.00-15.00. Alternatively, full support is available through Citizens Advice’s free phone line Monday to Friday 08.00-18.00. Please call: 0800 144 8 444.




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