Local Election results for Woodley May 2023

Election results for Woodley

Wokingham Borough Councillors 

Bulmershe & Whitegates

Anthony Skuse, Labour

Coronation Ward

Alison Swaddle, Conservative


Abdul Loyes, Conservative


Michael Firmager, Conservative


Laura Blumenthal, Conservative

Download the Declaration of Result of Poll for the Borough Councillors HERE.

Woodley Town Councillors

Bulmershe Ward

Kester Charles Bey, Labour

Yvonne Edwards, Labour

Mike Kennedy, Conservative

June Taylor, Labour

Coronation Central Ward

Juliet Anderson, Conservative

David Bragg, Conservative

Coronation East Ward

Keith Baker, Conservative

Robert Horskins, Conservative

Darren Smith, Conservative

Loddon Airfield Ward

Anne Chadwick, Conservative

Majid Nagra, Labour

Alison Swaddle, Conservative

Loddon South Ward

Greg Bello, Labour

Janet Sartorel, Conservative

Bill Soane, Conservative

Loddon West Ward

Linda Gutteridge, Conservative

Parvinder Singh, Labour (stood as an Independent Councillor at the election)

South Lake North Ward

Jenny Cheng, Conservative

Danny Errawalla, Conservative

Mary Holmes, Conservative

South Lake South Ward

Kay Gilder, Conservative

Beth Rowland, Liberal Democrat

Carol Jewell, Liberal Democrat

Warren Ward

Michael Firmager, Conservative

Vin Lewis, Conservative

Download the Declaration of Result of Poll for Woodley Town Councillors HERE.

Retiring Town Councillors:

Nada Al-Sanjari (2019-23)

Shadi Brindley (2015-23)

Martin Doyle (2019-23)

Michael Forrer (2015-23)

Mark Green (2015-23)

Alex Heap (2019-23)

Richard Skegg (2019-23)

Philip Wicks (2015-23)

Thank you for all the work you have done.

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