Garden waste collections suspended from 19 January


Garden waste collections have been temporarily suspended again in Wokingham Borough due to Covid-19.

The waste collection contractor Veolia have made the difficult decision to suspend garden waste collections from 19 January until Monday (25 January) when Veolia are aiming to restart the service.

This is due to Covid-19 impacting 40% of Veolia’s staff. There have been a small number of confirmed cases but, due to close contacts, a high number of staff are having to self-isolate.

By suspending garden waste Veolia can continue to provide weekly general waste, recycling and food waste collections.

Temporarily stopping garden waste collection services is happening up and down the country, as Covid-19 creates staffing issues for councils and waste contractors around the UK. Many have completely suspended services for extended periods.

We will continue to provide updates to you as the situation changes.

This is the third time Wokingham Borough Council has had to temporarily suspend the garden waste collections this month but this will be a longer pause than previously and there will be no catch up collections this time.

If your garden waste bin is currently at the kerbside and has not been collected by the end of the day, please take it back in and hold onto it until your next regularly scheduled collection day.

At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, the council extended the current garden waste service for the 2020 – 2021 contract for an additional month to allow for any disruptions to the service due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Those who are signed up for garden waste are getting two additional collections dates compared to a normal year. It’s hoped most residents are not missed more than once and we continue to work with Veolia to get the services restarted as soon as possible.

You should assume collections will restart on Monday (25 January) and garden waste should be put out if you are due a collection then. You can check collection days on our website.

For any further information or to discuss please contact Wokingham Borough Council directly.

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