Covid safety for Bonfire Night

covid safety bonfire night

Bonfire Night Celebrations during Covid

The Council and the Public Protection Partnership (PPP) would like to ask residents if they are holding their own bonfire night celebrations during the period around bonfire night to please:  

  • Be observant of Covid restrictions – remember the ‘Rule of 6’, social distancing and ‘Hands – Face – Space’ 
  • Remember that bonfires and fireworks may cause a nuisance to your neighbours and we encourage you, out of courtesy, to discuss your plans 
  • Bonfires burning damp materials will cause excess smoke 
  • Make sure you are not burning pollutants such as plastics
  • There is a risk that bonfires may get out of control and put excess pressure on emergency services – follow guidance from Royal Berkshire Fire & Rescue service regarding taking precautions
  • Multiple fireworks, going off over a longer period of time, may frighten and stress local pets and animals. Look out for fireworks labelled ‘low noise/silent’. Please talk to neighbours with pets to let them know your plans
  • If you’ve a pet who gets distressed during the firework ‘season’ see link here from PPP Animal Warden team
  • Fireworks should not be let off in public places such as a park or your street
  • If you are setting off fireworks in your garden make sure your garden is big enough for the type of firework and that you follow the safety instructions and the firework code.

If you are unsure what it legally allowed, in general terms, on Bonfire Night, see link here from Thames Valley Police. 

Firework safety guidelines see here

Current guidelines on gatherings under COVID restrictions see link here

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These services encompass a wide range of areas of responsibility from environmental protection to fair trading, food safety to animal health, housing standards to taxi licensing, and more.




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