Christ Church donate tree to Woodford Park

Christ Church tree at Woodford Park
Christ Church tree at Woodford Park

(L-R) Beryl, Vicki and Sandra from Christ Church pictured with Woodley Mayor Sam Rahmouni planting the donated tree


Christ Church in Woodley has donated a service tree to Woodford Park to commemorate its new Basingstoke and Reading circuits. Part of an initiative involving 26 churches, the tree was originally donated to Christ Church as a sapling in August 2015.


The sapling has been nurtured by Beryl Wootton, a member of the Christ Church congregation, for the past four years waiting for an opportune time for it to be planted. Beryl approached Woodley Town Council to offer the tree to plant in Woodford Park to not only commemorate the new church circuits but to also give church members and local residents the opportunity to visit the tree and watch it grow.


“I would like to say thank you to the Council for providing the space for the tree in Woodford Park. Unfortunately, the church garden is too small and it needs the space to grow and flourish,” said Beryl.


Woodley Mayor Sam Rahmouni attended the planting of the tree and thanked the church members in attendance, which included Beryl and church members Vicki and Sandra, for donating the tree to Woodford park.


“I was delighted to attend the planting of this tree and we are very grateful for the donation and look forward to watching it grow,” commented Rahmouni.


The tree has been planted on the Haddon Drive approach to Woodford Park Leisure Centre, opposite the pre-school. A member of the maple tree family, the service tree will be a delight to watch as its flora will change colour through each season.

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