Anti-social behaviour during summer holidays

graffiti and anti social behaviour in Woodley

Woodley Town Council has written to local schools following an increase in anti-social behaviour from young people during the summer holidays

During the recent summer holidays, the Council experienced an increased number of incidents of anti-social behaviour from groups of children and young people on our grounds and at our facilities.

Graffiti has particularly been a problem throughout Woodford Park, while the walls, windows and toilets of the Oakwood Centre were also graffitied.

The Council also had to temporarily close the Garden of Remembrance in the evenings during August following a number of incidents of groups of young people damaging planting and obstructing access.

We also had a group of young people break into Coronation Hall overnight, causing damage to the doorframe and a boiler pressure gauge.

Letter to local schools

In order to engage the local community, the Council’s Planning & Community Committee has written to all local schools to make them aware of the anti-social behaviour and ask schools and parents to discuss with their young people the importance of respecting our parks and facilities and the community of Woodley.

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