traffic enforcement survey

Traffic enforcement survey

Wokingham Borough Council is seeking views from residents, businesses and other interested parties on its plans to apply to take over the enforcement of some moving traffic offences across the borough.

The consultation asks a few short questions and is available on the Engage Wokingham Borough platform from 21 November to 2 January 2023. 

Traffic offences

Moving traffic offences that would become enforceable by the council include offences such as driving through a ‘No Entry’ sign, turning left or right when instructed not to do so and driving where and when motor vehicles are prohibited. Currently, these offences can only be enforced by the police under criminal law. 

By being able to carry out enforcement itself, the council will be able to respond locally to areas it knows are problematic, and expand the enforcement it already does to maintain safe and accessible roads. 

The move comes after the Department for Transport (DfT) announced in 2020 that it would invite local highway authorities to apply for these powers from May 2022, under the Traffic Management Act (part 6). 

Following consultation, should the council want to apply an application will be submitted to the DfT in January 2023, with a start date dependent on central government but anticipated to be later in 2023. If successful, the council’s parking services team would manage the new enforcement powers through external contractors. 


Under government guidelines, the council would mainly use automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras at chosen sites, with penalty charge notices (PCNs) issued for those who have committed an offence. Unlike revenue raised from safety camera enforcement which goes to central government, any income through this enforcement will be kept by the council and primarily spent on costs accrued to manage the enforcement, meaning that it contributes towards keeping the roads safe and traffic moving. Any extra income could only be used for highway improvements, public transport and environmental improvements. 

“We want to do all we can to ensure the safety of all road users,” said Councillor Paul Fishwick, executive member for active travel, transport and highways. 

“Restrictions are put in place for a number of reasons. Safety is the main priority, but we also want to keep traffic moving, encourage sustainable travel and improve air quality. We want to hear from as many of you as possible. The survey is very short and will only take a couple of minutes to complete.” 

Take the Survey

For more information and to take the survey, please visit Engage Wokingham Borough

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Loddon Bridge viaduct disaster memorial

Loddon Viaduct Disaster Memorial Tree

On the 26th October 1972, the A329M bridge over the Loddon collapsed, while under construction. It tragically resulted in three deaths and ten injuries.

In honour of those involved, Woodley Town Council and Earley Town Council planted a Hornbeam (Carpinus Betulus) tree in Dinton Pastures, near the cafe.

Earley Town Mayor, Cllr Tahir Maher and Woodley Town Deputy Mayor, Cllr Kay Gilder, attended the memorial to unveil the tree and plaques.

Cllr Kay Gilder & Cllr Tahir Maher

Cllr Kay Gilder said: “I am privileged to represent the people of Woodley today alongside the people of Earley as represented by the Earley Town Mayor to honour and remember those who lost their lives, were injured and the impact it had on their families and the community. This tree represents a lasting memorial to all involved.”

“We are here, on this sad occasion, to remember three lives lost and ten injured on 24th October 1972, 50 years ago. The incident resulted from a collapse of ‘falsework’. These are plywood constructions into which concrete was poured. A construction of the size of the Loddon Viaduct, which was a substantial structure holding many tonnes of concrete. The practice of these large construction sites at the time allowed the sub-contractors to perform their tasks without any oversight from the main contractor.

“The consequence of this disaster was the ‘Bragg Report’, which introduced a responsibility for these construction sites to a named engineer working for the main contractor. This provided a hierarchy of responsibility and ensured that the responsible engineer agreed upon designs for falsework. This made the disaster a landmark in health & safety on large construction sites,” said Cllr Maher.

“The site of the disaster is exactly where the three civic parishes of Earley, Woodley and Winnersh meet. Before this tree-planting event, there has been no memorial to this tragedy,” he added.

Kay and Tahir were joined by Cllr Carol Jewell from Woodley Town Council, Cllr Nicola Brock, Cllr Alison Newton, Cllr Keith Yabsley, and Cllr Al Neal from Earley Town Council.

L-R: Cllr Gilder, Cllr Jewell, Cllr Brock, Cllr Newton, Cllr Yabsley, Cllr Maher, Cllr Neal

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TPOs South Lake Woodley

Tree Protection Orders in South Lake

At the recent Planning & Community Committee meeting, Cllr Richard Skegg raised concern about a little-known Tree Protection Order (TPO) covering the South Lake area of Woodley.

TPO-0003/1951 prevents any unauthorised works or felling of any tree, from sapling to fully established tree, regardless of age, origin, quality, or value to the neighbourhood within the South Lake area of Woodley, south of Silver Fox Crescent, east of Kingfisher Drive, west of Nightingale Road and north of the A3290, as shown by the bold red boundary in the picture below. 

Any works to trees in the area require planning permission from Wokingham Borough Council (WBC), without which residents who undertake tree work are potentially liable for prosecution. 

Planning consent can be applied for via WBC’s Planning Portal.

The only significant exceptions are for dead/dangerous trees or commercial fruit production; however, more details can be found HERE.

Cllr Skegg is to draft a letter to WBC, detailing the Planning & Community Committees’ concerns and request that it examines a more effective method protecting relevant trees within the area than the existing blanket TPO, which many residents are unaware of.

Changes to the TPO would raise awareness with local residents, reducing accidental breaches, allowing residents to maintain their trees properly without fear of inadvertently breaching the rules. It would also make it easier for Council tree maintenance for both WBC and Woodley Town Council.

In line with Climate Change and both Councils’ commitments to be carbon neutral by 2030, changes to the TPO could also potentially create a public debate about tree protection and the importance of protecting these vital assets. 

We will keep residents informed on progress. 

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EV charging points in Wokingham Borough

Locations confirmed for new electric vehicle charging

Wokingham Borough Council has just announced the sites for new electric vehicle charging points, which should encourage higher ownership when they are installed with Government funding next year.

They’ll be funded by a grant from the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles, in partnership with the Energy Saving Trust, for two points at each of 19 locations. This covers 60 per cent of the cost and the rest will be met by suppliers, who will be responsible for maintenance once a contract is agreed.

Twelve sites are residential streets, all five minutes’ walk from areas of high demand:

  • William Heelas Way, Wokingham town, RG40 1RE
  • Pigott Road, Wokingham town, RG41 1PY
  • St Paul’s Gate, Wokingham town, RG41 2YP
  • Station Road, Twyford, RG10 9NE
  • Pitford Road, Woodley, RG5 4QF
  • Bramshill Close, Arborfield, RG2 9PT
  • Braybrooke Road, Wargrave, RG10 8DY
  • Roycroft Lane, Finchampstead, RG40 4HW
  • Chatsworth Avenue, Winnersh, RG51 5EW
  • Westminster Way, Earley, RG6 4BZ
  • Maiden Place community centre, Earley, RG6 3HE
  • Wheble Drive, Woodley, RG5 3DU

The rest will go in our Denmark Street, Rose Street and Cockpit Path car parks, all in Wokingham town, Polehampton Close (West) in Twyford, Station Road in Earley and Crockhamwell Road and Headley Road in Woodley. There’ll be dedicated EV bays so owners will always have access.

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Armistice Day 2022

Armistice Day 2022

We will remember

Thank you to everyone who attended our annual Armistice Day and those who laid a wreath.

Royal British Legion

Our thanks go to Trevor Knights, President of the Winnersh and District Royal British Legion, who read the Exhortation to the Fallen and recited the Kohima Epitaph. We also thank him for his help to organise the event.

Our thanks also go to Rosemary Edgington of the Winnersh and District Royal British Legion Women’s Section for her help in organising the event.

Woodley Town Mayor

Thank you also to Woodley Town Mayor, Cllr Janet Sartorel, for her moving words, summarising the importance of Armistice Day.

“As we stand here in peace and safety, I would like to thank you for joining Woodley Town Council and the Winnersh and District Royal British Legion to pay our respects and remember all of those who have fallen; all of the wounded; and all who have served in conflicts and wars.

“Remembrance Day is the day we all remember the brave who have served and continue to serve our country during times of war, conflict and peace. We remember those who volunteered, sacrificed, served, fought and died for our freedom.

“I am honoured to represent the residents of Woodley today and I wear my poppy with pride as a symbol of remembrance and hope for a positive future and peaceful world. Thank you.”


Thank you to our photographer, Francesca Reed, a sixth form student at Waingel’s College.

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annual grants 2022

Annual Grant applications

Applications for our Annual Grants are currently open and close on 15th December 2022

Application forms and guidelines are available on our website:

Please contact Matthew Filmore for more details:

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