Hundreds gathered in Woodley Town Centre today to hear Woodley Town Mayor read the Proclamation.

Today, Monday 12th September, the Town Council Deputy Leader, Cllr Shadi Brindley, made a statement at Centre Stage in the town centre to mark the formal Proclamation to the people of Woodley and the beginning of our new King’s reign, followed by the Proclamation, which was read by Woodley Town Mayor, Cllr Janet Sartorel.

Cllr Shadi Brindley and Cllr Janet Sartorel were joined at Centre Stage today in Woodley by other members of the Town Council, Woodley Town Clerk and Woodley Town Deputy Clerk.

The ceremony was introduced by Town Crier, Tony Roper, followed by a speech from Cllr Shadi Brindley.

Deputy Town Council Leader’s speech

“We come together this afternoon following the passing of our late Sovereign, Queen Elizabeth the Second. Our sadness at this time is shared by people across the globe, as we remember with affection and gratitude the lifetime of service given by our longest-serving Monarch. But the basis on which our Monarchy is built has ensured that through the centuries the Crown has passed in an unbroken line of succession. Today’s ceremony marks the formal Proclamation to the people of Woodley and the beginning of our new King’s reign.

“On Saturday 10th September, the Accession Council met at St James’s Palace to proclaim our new Sovereign. The flags which had flown at half-mast since The Queen’s death were raised briefly to their full height to mark the start of His Majesty’s reign. 

The Accession Council also made an order requiring High Sheriffs to cause the Proclamation to be read in the areas of their jurisdiction. It was that task which the High Sheriff of the Royal County of Berkshire discharged yesterday and with my humble duty I now call on the Mayor of Woodley, Councillor Janet Sartorel to read the Proclamation to the people of Woodley.  Ladies and Gentlemen, the Proclamation of the Accession.”


Woodley Town Mayor, Cllr Janet Sartorel, then read the Proclamation to the town of Woodley.

She then announced: God Save The King, to which the crowd replied: God Save The King.

National Anthem

The Town Crier led the crowd with the National Anthem, followed by three cheers for His Majesty King Charles III.


We’d like to thank everyone for joining Woodley Town Council and the Woodley Town Mayor to mark this occasion.

You can watch the Proclamation on our YouTube Channel HERE.

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