Woodley beehives

Woodley allotment beehive success

The beehive project at Woodley Town Council’s allotments is proving to be a great success

Reading Road allotment tenants involved in the bee keeping project, which was introduced last year, are under the guidance of bee expert and allotment tenant Steve Cook, who is an official swarm collector. The bee keeping group is a mixture of experienced and new keepers, which has created a lovely friendly, supportive and educative group; as described by Carolyn Davies, a committee member of the Reading Road Allotment Tenants Association. 

“There are currently eight active hives at the allotments, however, another allotment tenant recently got her first hive in kit form and is planning to put it together this weekend using a spare donated hive,” said Carolyn. 

“One of the allotment tenants offered some old empty hives for the bee keepers. Shortly after he these were left a new swarm of bees moved in and it was very exciting to watch! There is one spare hive left from this donation, which will shortly be populated with bees and we have interest from a further three tenants who are interested in joining the group and cultivating hives.

“I’m hoping we might get a taste of Woodley Allotment’s honey special brand!” 

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